The C.L.I.M.B.E. Philosophy

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As a tree “climbs” and produces fruit, so does this philosophy.

You might be wondering, what is the C.L.I.M.B.E. philosophy and how does it pertain to education? I firmly believe that there is a need for role models, mentors and individuals to make a difference in their area of influence. How then, does this philosophy apply? This is an idea that I have been developing over some time. Students must have insight, wisdom and guidance for the future of society and them individually. It is important that the knowledge and experience that one has is shared with others, otherwise it is simply knowledge that you will leave this world with. I am a lifelong learner.

C (Cultivate):
Cultivation of knowledge seekers, students who are free and driven to explore their passions and creativity in life is important. Students need an environment where there are no limits and they are free to be who they are, and want to be.
L (Lead):
Among every group are those individuals who lead. With any great organization, there must be solid leaders. With this in mind, leaders have to be developed. Students need to understand what it means to lead and be granted opportunities to do so, even in the developmental years.
I (Inspire):
As a teacher, I take great pride in this aspect of the philosophy. You never know who you might be teaching or what the result will be of you teaching them. Therefore, there is no such thing as small inspiration. Create a spark, add a log to a fire, allow them the opportunity to feel around, poke around and explore.
M (Motivate): This speaks for itself. I have always believed that motivation is 75% of my job. If I can motivate students, then everything else is easy.
B (Build): What does it mean to build? You might say to form or construct or to empower. Yes, I believe that through good habits, organizational skills, opportunity, students can build their confidence and ability. With this in mind, there is no little thing I do in the classroom. It is all intentional, deliberate, on purpose, with their future in mind.
(Enrich): To enrich in my mind, is to stretch. I tell my students that you won’t leave my class the same way that you came in. By the time you leave you will believe what you may not have believed in the beginning. “You will realize that the power to excel lies within you.”

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