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Well you might be wondering what this #notatiste karaoke party thing is all about? I too was in the same boat before I had a chance to learn about it and take part in it! I have always been musically inclined it seems, as I have been singing since I was a kid. It’s just in me, what can I say! Since it was also my first time learning about ISTE, and all of the conversations that were surrounding the international conference in Denver, the #notatiste karaoke party on voxer was a great way to interact and share with those not able to go this year. Tracy Brady took the lead on organizing this safe zone for educators to express themselves through song, wrap, and lip syncing. The Karaokites that took part in the party this time included but was not limited to: Tracy Brady, Toutoule Ntoya bought the “Poison” to the house, Makisha Rogers, Dan Kreiness, Jacqueline Rose, Barbara Cotter, Cynthia Day chimed in with several snapchat renditions as part of our #notatiste karaoke party. Kate Zakrzewski. Of course I had to do a little Mariah Carey (Hero), because as educators we are heroes to some student somewhere, or maybe multiple students.  I couldn’t leave out John Legend because “All of Me” loves all of you. I also had to include a throw back “Lean on Me” to remind us all that when challenges arise, we have a PLN to lean on. This great group of people together make up a climate where we can free our minds through the power of music and learning. Karaoke was the draw but truly we learned from each other and continue to do so.

Quick shout out to #edumatch and all of the great people that I have met through the group, that operates out of #Voxer. Side note, if you are not on voxer, you do need to create an account, because simply put, you meet phenomenal educators that become part of your professional learning network and essential your lifeline. You plug in and you get charged up! I am grateful to have had the chance to join the #notatiste karaoke party this month of July and I look forward to continued interaction with these phenomenal educators and more. Join us next time if you dare share that musical talent and partake in the great fun and learning!! Signing off.

But before I do, I must mention these educator #notatiste karaoke party blogs for your reading pleasure! 🙂

Makisha Rogers

Tracy Brady

Cynthia Day

Barbara Cotter

Happy Reading. We are a connected group of educators and we support each other. There is power in connection. It’s electric!




  1. Great read, Dene. It sounds like all good time was had by all. While carrying a tune isn’t my specialty, I can appreciate talent and recognize the bravery it takes to perform karaoke. I am part of a couple of Voxer groups now thanks to you. I look forward to meet some of your singing friends.

    If you’d like to leave me a song message, that’s fine. If not, I look forward to connecting with you and enjoying the power of connection as we strive to grow and challenge ourselves.


    1. I definitely will make all of this happen. I love singing man, it is just as much of a passion for me as educating. I actually wrote an inspirational song for my students as well. Thank you for taking the time to respond on here, it is encouraging me and pushing me to dig deeper and reach higher.


      1. Good stuff, Dene! Who needs American Idol when you already hold that title in the hearts and minds of so many that you serve. Keep the faith; keep creating and keep performing.


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