Creating Audio with Garage Band

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Students are absolutely thrilled to be able to work with garage band to create audio. Now I am able to give Garage Band a purpose, not that they couldn’t continue to use it just to create. I have intertwined Garage Band use with podcasting. We are now in the process voting on our third podcast title of the year and students may be able to have their audio featured as background music.

One Example of Audio Track for Submission (Above)

Example Two of Audio Track for Submission (Above)

Example Three of Audio Track for Submission (Above)

 Audio Track (We used it for Black History Moments)

Students will vote on the best audio track once all have been submitted and that is the track that will be used for that month’s podcast. They are stoked about the idea, completely motivated and so am I!

This is the results of the March 2017 Podcast Votes thus far. Two more classes have yet to vote before this becomes final.

I cannot wait to move forward. This was a quick share, but certainly there will be more to come!


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