About Mr. Gainey

Hello all. I am a ten-year classroom educator, having taught at several traditional public schools within Orange County, FL and now teach Language Arts (English) at a public charter school. Having a tremendous background in the arts, to include being a singer and songwriter, having acting experience and being a writer of poetry, short stories and plays, I am able to share a wealth of knowledge with students in the classroom experience in fourth and fifth grades. In addition to the arts, I have served this great country as a part of the United States Air Force. I am currently in pursuit of a terminal degree, a doctorate of philosophy in higher education administration. Never too far from the classroom, he believes that you should never stop learning and he himself is a lifelong learner. I thoroughly enjoy learning and growing by means of my professional learning network, interacting with other educators and teacher leaders through Voxer, Twitter, EdCamps and conferences. I am currently in the process of writing two books as well as collaborating on a third with members of my PLN. Please feel free to contact me.gvilledene


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