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R2R: Grace



The information that was most important was how Grace felt before she went to Paris and when she was in Paris. In the text when Grace first learns about the idea she feels two emotions surprised and a little bit upset. But on the last day of her trip in Paris she is sad and does not want to leave. I could definitely visualize a French bulldog Grace fell in love with when she was in Paris because of how descriptive the author was. When I was reading this book one question that I had was "What is Grace's French cousins name?". My question was answered by the end of the book.


I am like Grace. I really want a dog. But at the end she got a dog just like she wanted and I still don't have a dog. I can infer that at the end of the book even though Grace wants to stay in Paris and be with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins she still misses her brother and dad and wants to go home.

By: Bella