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R2R: Lemons


Lemons was an amazing story filled with incredible content and, bigfoot. It is about a girl named Lemonade who is moving in with her grandfather because her mother recently passed from cancer. When she gets there she meets a boy her age named Tobin. Tobin owns a company called Bigfoot Detectives Inc. (Since they live in the bigfoot capitol of the world). Tobin makes Lemonade his assistant. They go on many explorations together to search for the bigfoot. Towards the end of the book Tobin's lost dad is found in the woods. In the end Lemonade's discovery is beyond words.


I really, really enjoyed this book. My favorite part was when Tobin's dad was found and able to come back to his family. I can connect to Lemonade when she made new friends. Overall this story moved me, and I definitely recommend it.

By: Kate


R2R: Grace



The information that was most important was how Grace felt before she went to Paris and when she was in Paris. In the text when Grace first learns about the idea she feels two emotions surprised and a little bit upset. But on the last day of her trip in Paris she is sad and does not want to leave. I could definitely visualize a French bulldog Grace fell in love with when she was in Paris because of how descriptive the author was. When I was reading this book one question that I had was "What is Grace's French cousins name?". My question was answered by the end of the book.


I am like Grace. I really want a dog. But at the end she got a dog just like she wanted and I still don't have a dog. I can infer that at the end of the book even though Grace wants to stay in Paris and be with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins she still misses her brother and dad and wants to go home.

By: Bella


R2R: Anne of Green Gables

Summary:  Anne of Green Gables is a story about a girl who likes to talk a lot.  Matthew is the guy who goes to pick her up at an orphanage and adopt her.  He expected an orphan boy but got an orphan girl named Anne instead.  Matthew and his sister Marilla decided to keep Anne.  Anne got mad at Rachel Lynde who is Marilla's friend.  They give tips to each other on how to parent.  Rachel called Anne ugly and skinny and Anne got mad so she asked Rachel if she would like to be called clumsy and fat.  Marilla made Anne go to her room until she would apologize to Mrs. Rachel Lynde. 

Marilla set Anne up with a play date with her friend’s daughter named Diana.  Anne and Diana became really close friends.  One time when Diana came over to Anne's house Anne accidentally gave Diana wine instead of raspberry juice so both of them got drunk.  One night Diana ran over to Anne's house because Minnie May (Diana's sister) had croup while Diana's parents weren't home.  Anne ran over to Diana's house to see how badly she was sick.  Matthew went to go find a doctor.  You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

Reflection:  I have a best friend like Anne does.  I have red hair and a lot of freckles.  Also I like to talk a lot.  I was never adopted though and I don't make a ton of mistakes all the time.  I do like to wear dresses like Anne does.  I also like nature.

One of my friends was adopted like Anne.  She wasn't a baby when she was adopted like Anne.  She had to meet new friends and didn't fit in.  She was very smart like Anne.  Last week she lost her grandfather.  She was very sad.  I became great friends with her just like Anne and Diana.


By: Reagan