Dene E. Gainey

#CLIMBE Aboard! - Welcome!

Fresh Grade is a platform designed for use in schools and provides parents with eyes in the classroom. Parents can interact with the teacher and their child is a personalized space. In addition to the communication benefits, students are able to track and document their learning through the use of multi-model representation. The platform also offers grade book features keeping parents knowledgeable of assessment scores and anecdotal records. Finally, it can be accessed at school or at home through a mobile application or at 


ClassCraft is an innovative platform that allows teachers to gamify the classroom. Students can earn experience points (XP) for performing tasks related to leading and learning as well as for battles (formative review) and completing quests (lessons with attached objectives related to the content area). Students can advance from one level to the next and achieve established goals and/or gain access to additional "powers" (privileges). In addition, students can earn gold pieces which allow them to diversify the look of their characters by purchasing things like clothing and pets.

Action points (AP) are utilized for carrying out a power, such as teleporting, which allows a student to move their seat. Health points come with each character according to their roles: mage, warrior and healer. Each team of four has different combinations. HP or health points are lost for weak choices and behaviors we don't want to continue, such as not completing homework assignments or talking while another is talking. 

As a parent you can connect at home and award points to students for completing tasks linked to your expectations. This is no way impacts the classroom aspect of the game but does help to reinforce a school-to-home connection. Classcraft is accessible through the online platform as well as through the mobile application.


Remind is a tool used by me to establish and maintain quick communication with parents, which could include reminders about classroom and/or school-related activities. It might also include announcements of changes and emergency announcements if they are ever necessary.  Remind is available as an app on all mobile devices.